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You know what time it is. It's Business Time..  by Garick

Garick says: Here's a list of personal finance and communications tools for business. In this crazy world, here are some app's to make your life simpler. Keep control of your business
Garick's picks
  1. Square
    Square What? The future is here! Now I can accept credit card payments by plugging in a card reader! Perfect! I love being able to take a payment anytime, anywhere!
  2. Free Conference Calls
    Free Conference Calls Easy as pie, with a simple click of a button, join everyone together for a conference call. (Back in the day, we also used to call it a party-line. Why? Because it's businesstime.)
  3. Expensify
    Expensify Great app to keep track of my expenses. Picture receipts are concise and clear. Everything goes straight to the website where management features allow me to produce detailed reports. Awesome, simply awesome.
  4. Mint: Personal Finance & Money
    Mint: Personal Finance & Money Best personal finance app. ever! Very useful at tracking my personal expenses through the ease of your cell-phone, anytime and anywhere on the go.
  5. TripIt: Trip Planner
    TripIt: Trip Planner Great for the business-traveler. TripIt lets you plan travel itineraries on the go from your Android phone. A few challenges, but customer support is great.
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