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Awesome Easter Apps!  by Garick

Garick says: Just in time for Easter! Here are a few to celebrate this joyful spring holiday! A real American tradition!
Garick's picks
  1. Bubble Blast Easter
    Bubble Blast Easter warning, highly addictive Easter-themed game. Be careful and watch your battery!
  2. Easter Day wallpapers
    Easter Day wallpapers Bright, colorful Easter Eggs! Beautiful wallpapers, mostly eggs but nice, bright and colorful for the Easter season. This is a great one to celebrate holiday spirit
  3. Party Food Recipes
    Party Food Recipes Every celebration begins with a feast. We love to gather around a banquet and this is a great selection of video recipes. In particular, there's a devilled egg recipe that's a wonderful Easter idea.
  4. Easter cheer
    Easter cheer Design your own greeting cards, then save as an image, set as your wallpaper or send it to your friends. It's a decent app to keep in contact with your friends on Easter.
  5. Easter Sounds
    Easter Sounds mostly church bells, not really so great... there's one rabbit sound.
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