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Top 5 Favorite Atlanta Android Apps  by diablolita

diablolita says: I went to Atlanta on my 6 month road trip, really liked the city. I used these apps to help me appreciate it more.
diablolita's picks
  1. Museums In Atlanta
    Museums In Atlanta This app has information on local Atlanta museums including hours, cost, collections, events, direct calling and navigation to the museums. I found the cost part really useful because I could make a list of free museums and that was a lovely way to spend time. Recommend.
  2. Snapfinger Restaurant Ordering
    Snapfinger Restaurant Ordering This app allows you to order from popular chain restaurants (CPK, Boston Market, Subway, and many more). It works really well for Atlanta. Also saves your orders so you can order easily in the future, plus lets you pre-pay with a credit card and will confirm your order via sms or email.
  3. h2sr
    h2sr Using this app you can look at menus and specials from Here To Serve restaurants in Atlanta, plus make reservations. It's very easy to use - easier than the full website.
  4. The Realtor Guys
    The Realtor Guys If you are looking for real estate in Atlanta this is a really useful app. It's put together by 2 local real estate agents and allows custom searches plus lets you d/l a PDF of the listings.
  5. CityGuide-Atlanta
    CityGuide-Atlanta This free app is like a mini-guidebook for Atlanta on your phone. It wasn't super-comprehensive - but for just visiting for a weekend it helped me find hotels, things to do, places to eat, and took me to all the major sites and landmarks.
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