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Top 5 Useful Android Apps for Phoenix, AZ  by diablolita

diablolita says: I live in Southern California and have been to Phoenix a number of times in the last decade. My parents lived there for a couple of years and here are some apps I used to help me get around the city.
diablolita's picks
  1. myPhxAZ
    myPhxAZ This free app lets citizens report illegal activities in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Great idea, but the execution could use some work.
  2. azcentral
    azcentral This free app has news, sports, business, entertainment, and videos from the Phoenix, AZ area. Great app and the best way of keeping up to date on all things Phoenix. Recommend.
  3. Phoenix Traffic
    Phoenix Traffic This free app lets you view live traffic cams throughout Phoenix AZ. It has a lot of the camps on the freeways, is easily searched, and a very smooth and easy UI. It's saved me tons of time commuting in Phoenix. Recommend.
  4. Celebrity Theatre Phoenix
    Celebrity Theatre Phoenix If you go to an event at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix I highly recommend having this app! It lets your order food, drinks, and swag right from your phone.
  5. Phoenix BlockShopper
    Phoenix BlockShopper This is a free real estate app for Phoenix. It has info on prices, foreclosures, for sale by owner, etc. Useful and well-made, but could use more listings.
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