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Useful Android Tax Apps  by diablolita

diablolita says: I am an independent contractor and come tax season I usually have to pay money instead of getting any back. All my own fault for not withholding enough - these apps are helping me get back on track and helping me cope with the horrors of April 15th!
diablolita's picks
  1. TurboTax SnapTax
    TurboTax SnapTax This app allows you to take a photo of your W-2 and e-file and pay your taxes all from your phone! If you have a simple tax return this is an amazing service. However - it is misleading. This app is free - but you cannot actually file without buying the filing key, which costs $19.99.
  2. TurboTax SnapTax Filing Key
    TurboTax SnapTax Filing Key This is the filing key for the TurboTax app. It costs US $19.99 and allows you to file your taxes directly from your phone!
  3. Tax Central
    Tax Central This free tax app from H&R Block has a lot of different tools to help you with your taxes. It allows you to estimate your Federal taxes (roughly accurate when I tried it) and to check the status of your Federal refund. It also has a lot of educational tools, FAQ's, and references and it'll find a nearby H&R Block office for you using GPS.
  4. BNA Quick Tax Reference
    BNA Quick Tax Reference This is probably the best free tax app out there for tax pros (and very educated taxpayers). It is not "for dummies", it has info on Corporate and Individual tax rate schedules, capital gains, income tax rates for estates, retirement plan info - and lots more.
  5. MyTaxRefund by TurboTax – Free
    MyTaxRefund by TurboTax – Free No more wondering about when you will get your tax refund. If you e-file your federal tax return this app will track it for you and let you know whether it is accepted and also estimate when you will get your refund.
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