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Top 5 Favorite Useful San Diego Android Apps  by diablolita

diablolita says: I have lived in Southern California 12 out of the 18 years I've lived in California and visited San Diego frequently. My ex-boyfriend's family lived there and I've spent many holidays there. These apps help me get around San Diego.
diablolita's picks
  1. San Diego Breweries
    San Diego Breweries An impressive selection of map markers where each market is a San Diego craft brewery. You can plan a brewery crawl, view details about the breweries, and it uses maps to get you around so GPS enabled. Recommend.
  2. Girl Scout Cookie Locator
    Girl Scout Cookie Locator This app locates all the Girl Scout Cookie sales in your neighborhood. Also has info about your favorite kind of cookies. Works for a list of cities including San Diego. Great if you just can't live without those Thin Mints!
  3. Altitude Organic San Diego
    Altitude Organic San Diego This is an app for medical marijuana patients of Altitude Organic in San Diego. Has menus and updates - as well as specials/discounts on every visit just for using the app.
  4. San Diego Parcel App
    San Diego Parcel App This app shows you where San Diego property boundaries are using augmented reality. It is very accurate and very cool!
  5. Dining Joint
    Dining Joint This free app has menus for San Diego bars, restaurants, clubs, cages, etc - as well as directions and searchable maps. Easy to use and a great selection of restaurants! Also lets you check in via FB or Twitter.
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