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Top 5 Most Useful Dallas Apps  by diablolita

diablolita says: I've only been to Dallas once - on my 6 month road trip in 2010. These apps were a great help!
diablolita's picks
  1. ESPN Dallas (Official App)
    ESPN Dallas (Official App) This free app from ESPN focuses on Dallas sports and is definitely the best of the sports apps for Dallas. Info, breaking news, video, schedules, etc.
  2. Dallas Fort Worth Traffic
    Dallas Fort Worth Traffic This free traffic app for Dallas/Fort Worth has color-coded maps, live cams, weather, and radio and police scanner. Needs more cams - but works well. It definitely saved me a lot of time!
  3. Dallas Photos
    Dallas Photos If you miss Dallas you can always have a visual reminder on your phone. This free app has hundreds of photos of Dallas that you can view, set as wallpaper, or share.
  4. iWatch
    iWatch This is a really cool app from the Dallas Police Department that lets you submit tips anonymously over your phone. Not for use in an emergency though.
  5. DALLAS DFW - Chat/Shoutbox
    DALLAS DFW - Chat/Shoutbox This is a no frills chat room for people from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. No pics/video - just plain text chat. It's not bad, but there are a lot of bots in the room sometimes.
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