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Free Android Racing Games  by Rory

Rory says: I have been a speed demon since I got my first tricycle for Christmas, so it stands to reason that some of my favorite games have to do with hurling down the highway or race track at death defying speeds. Check out these free racing and driving games. There are several different styles of racing to accomodate every road warrior out there.
Rory's picks
  1. Drift Mania Championship Lite
    Drift Mania Championship Lite Hit the gas, yank the e-brake. Sounds simple right? Think again, this game requires some finesse and is certainly challenging enough to play for a while. Successfully navigating a drift car around the track will take practice and skill.
  2. Raging Thunder - FREE
    Raging Thunder - FREE This classic arcade style racer will have you reminiscing about your days as a kid at the local pizza place. Simple controls, pretty much just steering and boost, let you focus on driving strategy.
  3. Raging Thunder 2 - FREE
    Raging Thunder 2 - FREE This is the second installment in the Rolling Thunder series. Very similar gameplay with a little more fit and finish. The car and landscape detail is quite an improvement in this one.
  4. TurboFly HD Free
    TurboFly HD Free If futuristic racing is more your style, check this out. its a fairly standard racing experience, with one catch, you aren't actually touching the ground. There will be no tire squealing here, but burning jet fuel makes up for the lack of burning rubber.
  5. Reckless Racing Lite
    Reckless Racing Lite Who hasn't wanted to join in a demolition derby once or twice? This is one of my favorite racing games. It combines outrageously unrealistic drifting ability with some awesomely wicked terrain. You can steer through tilt control, or on screen controls, and really get into the reckless racing action.
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