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My FIrst Android Apps  by Rory

Rory says: The newest addition to my household is a nice and shiny Galaxy Tab, and i didn't want the Tab's standard apps to get lonely. The first thing I did was go to the market and get them some friends. Here is a list of the very first Android apps that I downloaded!
Rory's picks
  1. Appolicious
    Appolicious Of course, Appolicious has to be on the first apps list. How else am I supposed to know what other apps to get?
  2. gReader | Feedly | News | RSS
    gReader | Feedly | News | RSS Nice simple way to read all of my blogs.
  3. Bizzy for Android
    Bizzy for Android Great way to find new places to eat that I know I will like.
  4. old app.........
    old app......... I've become addicted and now have an urge to throw an oddly shaped bird at every green pig that I see!
  5. Hootsuite for Twitter & Social
    Hootsuite for Twitter & Social The best tool that I have found thus far to keep track of your social conversations. Plus the Owly mascot is cool.
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