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Top 5 Useful London Public Transport Android Apps  by diablolita

diablolita says: I first visited London when I was 11 years old. It's a great city because it's not American but I still speak the language! Here are some apps I use to get around London - literally - these are all public transportation apps.
diablolita's picks
  1. Tube Map London Underground
    Tube Map London Underground This is the free version of this app, supported by ads. It's got the official map of the London underground, offline routing with map and text views, GPS, and more. Excellent app, easy to use - and the ads are not that intrusive.
  2. London Tube Status
    London Tube Status This London Tube app has live status and departure info with a widget that updates the live data on your home screen. It's pretty good, easy to use, and a great idea.... but not always accurate. :(
  3. Pubtran London
    Pubtran London This is the best of the free London Tube maps. It's a simple interface, has a journey planner, tube map, status, and departure boards. All work perfectly and accurately. Recommend.
  4. Tube Map London Underground
    Tube Map London Underground This app lets you look at the London underground by station, look at the tube map, gives live status, journey planning, and details about journeys. It's a great app, but is missing the above-ground and bus info.
  5. London Tube Map
    London Tube Map This simple app has 3 maps - a subway map, a bus map, and a city map. Simple and easy to use - but the bus map is only for central London.



From that list Pubtrain London is awesome, for simplicity
'London Transport Planner' works great with TFL stuff - though you need a web connection for the live services and journey planner. Very intuitive to use.

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Hopefully you can now add Depart London to your list ;-)

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