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Must-Have Android Apps to Figure Out Whether You Are Sane or Crazy.  by diablolita

diablolita says: I have always had an interest in psychology - particularly aberrant or abnormal psychology. I think everyone loves to categorize and classify themselves and these apps will help you figure out whether you are sane in comparison to the general population - or completely out of your gourd.
diablolita's picks
  1. Personality MD
    Personality MD This free version of the Personality MD app asks 100 questions and then rates your personality and tells you about yourself. It is frighteningly accurate. Simple interface that allows scaled answers.
  2. Personality Psychology Lite
    Personality Psychology Lite This is a great free trial of a HUGE app with 1000's of personality tests and games. The only downside is there is no full version available - and you only get to use the trial version 5 times. Though you can erase the data from the app through "Manage Apps" and get another 5 uses. :)
  3. 500 Psychology Phobias Quiz
    500 Psychology Phobias Quiz This is an educational/entertainment tool with different learning modules for 500 different psychological phobias. Quizzes, flash cards, quiz a friend through SMS, etc. It's simple to use, definitely challenging and designed for psychology students.
  4. depression index testEx
    depression index testEx This free app is the basic psychological depression index - in Korean. If you speak and read Korean and want to know if you are depressed - this is the app for you.
  5. Know Yourself Personality Test
    Know Yourself Personality Test This app has 19 different personality tests built in and often new tests are added with the updates. The tests vary in length - some of them have up to 500 questions! A good tool for learning about yourself.
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