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St. Patrick's Day Round 2  by Irishgirl87

Irishgirl87 says: Extend St. Patrick's day in to a week or so. It really should be longer anyway.
Irishgirl87's picks
  1. Angry Birds Seasons Theme
    Angry Birds Seasons Theme So there is Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons. But NOW there are specific themes. So get your daily dose of of Angry Birds and play it with the St. Patrick's Day theme
  2. St. Patricks Day LiveWallpaper
    St. Patricks Day LiveWallpaper Get the cool fun quirky live themed wall papers for the fun holiday. You can have little android leprechauns walking around your screen
  3. Get the Focal Irish Translator
    Get the Focal Irish Translator Type in any word you would like and click "To Irish" and you will get the translations from basic words. Some of the words can be really fun and funny to pronounce. For example, 'garlic' in irish is 'gairleog'.
  4. Irish Slang
    Irish Slang This is another fun app There is a list of words that come up, You'd be surprised on the difference of words. Some fun ones are 'Haircut' is 'Bazzer', 'Guinness Beer' is 'Black Stuff' and 'Nonsense' is 'Blarney'
  5. Wee Irish Drinking Buddy
    Wee Irish Drinking Buddy There are four beers. Click on each and you get a different irish drinking song. Then you can click on the green question mark that says Where am I? and it will take you to a map and show you where the closest pub is. This may have to become one of my favorite apps....
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