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It's all about the Wordplay   by Irishgirl87

Irishgirl87 says: Fun games to test how many words you can think of while under pressure.
Irishgirl87's picks
  1. Dropwords
    Dropwords Pick the letters to create words and hit submit as fast as you can. As soon as you do so a new line of letters drops down. There are many levels to play depending on how difficult you want it.
  2. WordUp!
    WordUp! Drag your fingers over the letters you want to get point for the words. You have three minutes to get as many words as possible. If you are having a hard time seeing words can rotate the board so all the letters are in a new combination.
  3. Syrious Scramble® Free
    Syrious Scramble® Free This is a shorter version of scrabble. You get six letters and you have to find as many words as possible in 2 minutes. After the 2 minutes is up, you are shown the words that were missing. Then comes round 2 and so forth.
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