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Want great Abs? You must get these Apps!  by purplemania

purplemania says: I'm a guy who actually attempts to use my device to its fullest potential. I depend on it for work scheduling, work productivity and communication. I also utilize it for my health and fitness needs. I use my device to track nutrition and strength training. I also LOVE the use if mp3's... Who needs a separate mp3/ipod?
purplemania's picks
  1. JEFIT Workout Tracker Gym Log
    JEFIT Workout Tracker Gym Log This application pays for the phone itself to me. Tracking exercise and lifts, and using the timer between lifts assists me in getting the most out of my workouts. If you use your phone for mp3's while working out this app is a must since you already have have it with you. This even comes with a pre-scheduled workout routine. You can download the lifts to see them animated if you are not sure how to perform them. Amazing!
  2. Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal
    Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal This really makes keeping track of your daily activities easy. It also has about anything you can imagine in its food database! It remembers what you eat for what meal (for ease of reentry) great way to budget your calories! I have used wieght watchers before, but seriously, the point system can get frustrating. With this app you can literally type any thing you are about to eat and it will find it. (I have not yet entered any edible item and not had results)
  3. Poweramp Music Player (Trial)
    Poweramp Music Player (Trial) Well obviously you cannot workout without tunes! This player is substantially better than the OEM, gives customizable equalizer, large easy virtual buttons for makes modifications while hit the weights!
  4. My Tracks
    My Tracks This app is easy to use and packed with more features than most will ever need. This is a great app for walkers, joggers, hikers, bicyclists etc.... Turn on your GPS and let it follow your tracks. Mark spots along your way with the Waypoint feature, (This is great for long and winding trails you may have been on; you can leave yourself reminders of difficult locations, etc...)and keep track of not only your distance and time, but your elevation and speed as well. Love this for the Bicycling season!
  5. Epicurious Recipe App
    Epicurious Recipe App Wow, this is quietly one of my favorite apps! I say that cause it still suprizes me! I love the way you can quickly search for recipes with multiple tags to narrow your search. For example. You need a dinner, you want low carb and healthy... select those buttons, (each time you select a category you'll notice the number of recipes go down). Very nice. I will admit a lot of these recipes are a little challenging and above just chopping vegtables, but this is a very nice app!
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