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Best Useful Minneapolis Android Apps  by diablolita

diablolita says: I visited Minneapolis for the first time this year on my 6 month road trip around the US and Canada. I was pleasantly surprised by the city and found it wonderful. That's probably because I visited during the summer. :) Here are some of the apps I used to get around.
diablolita's picks
  1. Mpls Skyway Tour
    Mpls Skyway Tour This is a very unique map that lets you be your own tour guide with 21 historic stops that take you through downtown Minneapolis and the largest continuous skyways system in the world. In case you are unfortunate enough to visit Minneapolis during the winter - the skyway is the way to get your exercise without freezing! You do need an internet connection to use this app.
  2. MPLS Drinker!
    MPLS Drinker! This app costs US$1.98 but will save you more than that. This is an app with happy hour specials in Minneapolis split into neighborhoods with info about the bars as well. It needs more neighborhoods, more bars, and more updates - but is good for a visitor!
  3. Metro Transit (MSP): AnyStop
    Metro Transit (MSP): AnyStop This is a great app for getting transit schedules in both the Twin Cities on your phone. You can use GPS to find bus or rail stops near you. It's difficult to search stops though, the interface is not intuitive.
  4. Twin Cities Traffic & Camera
    Twin Cities Traffic & Camera Excellent app with traffic info, traffic cams, weather, music, daily events, radio, and more for the Twin Cities. Uses live data and has a police scanner!
  5. CityBikes
    CityBikes This app has bike sharing info for many cities including NiceRide info in Minneapolis. Works well - shows available bikes on a map and those in use and those free - easy to use.
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