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Top 5 Must Have Free Boston Apps   by diablolita

diablolita says: My mother is from Boston, MA. One of the branches of my father's business was located there - plus I have family there. I spent a lot of time in Boston as a young person and just went back last year and used these apps to get around!
diablolita's picks
  1. BostonBusMap
    BostonBusMap This app is a must-have - using GPS and info from MBTA it shows locations of buses in Boston and adjacent cities. It also predicts times on a map. Works great, updated frequently.
  2. NESN Mobile
    NESN Mobile If you want to catch up on all the Boston teams in one spot this is a good place. This free app has video and news about the Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, and Celtics. Works great, easy interface, frequent updates, and a good place to get a taste of Boston if you are away. Better than ESPN Boston.
  3. WAAF - Boston’s Rock Station
    WAAF - Boston’s Rock Station You can listen to the station with this app, as well as watching videos and other features. It freezes frequently - but when it works it's great to hear some WAAF on your phone.
  4. Search For Boston Apartments
    Search For Boston Apartments This free app is a tool to help you find apartment listings in Boston. You can sort by price, market date, and location. You can't do custom searches. The app lets you call an agent. It's not the only tool I would use but definitely helpful to look at listings and hey, it's free!
  5. BOS:311
    BOS:311 This free app is for people who live in Boston. It's a place to report issues like potholes and broken city infastructure. You can track your reports and look at other reports - as well as tweet them out. It lets you see reports on a map. Only uses GPS, doesn't let you manually enter a location. It definitely is a great way to channel the frustration that broken stuff can create! Recommend to all Boston locals.
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