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Top Apps for new Android Users  by timothymclain

timothymclain says: It's my full-time job to help teachers and librarians make excellent use of online technology for teaching and learning. As a new Android phone user, I couldn't help myself -- here's my top list of FREE apps for anyone who just picked up a Droid. Enjoy.
timothymclain's picks
  1. Advanced Task Killer
    Advanced Task Killer Multitasking on the Droid is insanely great. From time to time, your phone may slow down. Use this app to quickly and cleanly force-quit from your background apps. No fuss, no muss, and speeds things up. Free version > paid, since paid auto kills apps. You want to control which app(s) you want to kill, and when. ATK Free does this flawlessly.
  2. SwiftKey Keyboard Free
    SwiftKey Keyboard Free Sure, your Droid comes with a pretty nice keyboard. Ditch it by installing this replacement. Between the haptic feedback as you type, the layout of the characters, and its ability to correctly guess what you're typing all adds up to a must-download for all new Droid owners.
  3. Key Ring: Cards Coupon & Sales
    Key Ring: Cards Coupon & Sales Leave those bulky club cards at home! With Key Ring you can create a digital copy of any club card by simply scanning its barcode or by manually entering the barcode number / membership ID. No more 5-15 little plastic cards messing up your car keys. Scan them in, remove them, and use your phone at the store. Neat. Helpful.
  4. ShopSavvy Barcode & QR Scanner
    ShopSavvy Barcode & QR Scanner This app will sell 1M Droid phones and save you more than $30/month for your data access. Go to any store, open Shop Savvy, and scan any bar code. Your phone will show you the price of the item at other local and online retailers. You can click through to local stores and get directions to run out of the store to get it cheaper elsewhere, or click through and instantly order it for MUCH less at, etc. A must have. Already saved $115 in four days shopping at Target, Best Buy, and WalMart on toys, electronics, and more.
  5. Car Locator
    Car Locator Save your location when you park and Car Locator will help you locate and find it via GPS/built-in map. Yes, your wife will be thrilled! (And you will be, too, when that senior moment hits and you can find your car!)
  6. WeatherBug
    WeatherBug Get live weather information on your phone, including radar images. The best feature of the app is the notification service. Once a location is set (either by the users current position or manually choosing), the current temperature is displayed in the notification bar. If you drag down the notification bar the current temperature and forecast are both displayed.
  7. ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader
    ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader Seen those weird blocks of symbols on websites and the real world? Think of them as visual bookmarks linking to websites or YouTube videos. ScanLife turns your camera phone into a 2D barcode reader. Simply hold your camera phone over an EZcode to get connected to a wide variety of information and content. Without typing anything, you can automatically link to a specific website, send an SMS, make a voice call and more.
  8. Facebook
    Facebook Have a FaceBook account? Use the official app to connect to your Wall, post, upload photos, etc. A must for any mobile FB user.
  9. UberSocial for Twitter
    UberSocial for Twitter Have a Twitter account? Twidroid makes it easy to post Tweets, read updates from your friends, and more.
  10. TweetPhoto Pro
    TweetPhoto Pro If you're a Twitter user, this app allows you to choose any photo from your gallery/stored images, click a button, and upload it to the TweetPhoto servers. Then, you can add a Tweet message, and post it to Twitter, knowing an embedded link will be added to let your followers see your image. (Best not to use the direct take a new pic/post method, crashes my phone from time to time. Better to take images using the Camera app on your phone, open TweetPhoto, then select an image from your Gallery to post. Seems to be happier this way.)



Good list here. I'll pass it along to my good friend who just got a Droid yesterday. Hey, download iTriage for your Droid and let me know what you think. Great app to have on your phone. Okay well, I do work for the two emergency physicians who created it, but I'm not being partial. It TRULY is a great app to have and is free.

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Will do! Another mobile website to bookmark for medical information:

MedlinePlus Health Information

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Nice inclusion of the QR reader. In Australia QR readers come pre-loaded on Telstra phones. I think the only way QR is really going to get any bigger is if more people have the readers.

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Great list! A friend just got a Droid. This should come in handy :)

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Here's a new list, this time free apps for road trips and traveling in general. Enjoy!

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Re: ScanLife, there's "Barcode Scanner" that I believe comes built into Android 1.6+ that will do the same thing and take up no add'l memory, if that's an issue for you (as it is for me, and lots of G1 users).

Re: Twidroid, I used to like it, but it's gotten buggy and crashy. Now I prefer TweetCaster, which has a more attractive UI and (AFAIAC) a more intuitive user interface. (And TweetCaster includes a photo uploader, so you don't need TweetPhoto.)

Some other great ones are CardioTrainer or MyTracks for mapping your walks/runs/bikes, and Qik for instant online video streaming/archiving.

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I just got the new Seesmic app and man is it great.

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great list, really handy

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Tim, great list and very popular! Congrats on making it to the top of the leaderboard.

Hey everyone, you may also be interested in Tim's list Android Apps for Road Trips:

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Ok you might already know this:

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You might add ExecTones to the list to get some good ringtones.

Associated Apps:  Business Ringtones - ExecTones

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The new GeoReader™ app for Android will enhance your road trip. I enjoy driving and always liked the historical markers that populate the side of the roads. Unfortunately, I never have time to actually pull over and read them. This app will allow you to hear about the landmark as you drive by. (This of course assumes that its in the database). As you pass through an area, interesting facts or information tidbits can be spoken to you as you move about town. Also, you can upload a point of interest (we call it a Talking Point™), so that others can hear and read what you've written! You can even post a photo for reference. Your personal sites can be distinguished for friends-only or for public viewing. GeoReader™ let's you know what's interesting around every turn ... you can become a connoisseur of your town, be entertained and learn while you drive, take a walk and let your phone be your personal tour guide. GeoReader™ will help you enjoy your journey and catch up on all the roadside attractions.

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Get Droidscan to scan in and correct images with your built-in camera!

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I still don't think task killers are a good idea. BUT, killing terrorists with a predator is a ton of fun! For some addictive arcade action try "Fear the Reaper"

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