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Work-flow  by jgnome

jgnome says: Work-flow management is about getting my stuff done better and faster. I seem to have more to do than I can possibly handle. I write, code, and love to learn, and that is how I choose my tools.
jgnome's picks
  1. Dropbox
    Dropbox I take a file centric approach to managing work-flow. All my core text files live here and are available on all my computers and smartphones.
  2. Got To Do
    Got To Do Work-flow starts with keeping tabs on what I have to do. GTD methodolgy works best for me with this app. Why? Got To Do syncs to ToodleDo.
  3. mNote
    mNote Things start with simple reliable text and mNote, which syncs with and exports to E-mail and Got To Do, works reliable in an uncomplicated fashion.
  4. Memento Database
    Memento Database Keeping track of things that require more structure/formality than a simple text list provides suggests a simple to use database with an easy interface is the next step up to keeping track of things or implementing a process. Memento has several ready to go templates or you can create your own (easy to do). The program optionally backups up to Google Docs and interacts with E-mail or Got To Do. Easy import and export, via a simple CSV file format makes moving data to and from Excel, mySQL a breeze.
  5. K-9 Mail
    K-9 Mail I hate E-mail. Work- flow gets drowned out by a huge amount of noise from idle chat, marketing notices, newsletters, and spam. I have three E-mail apps on my Droid. I use all three. Each E-mail app has their strengths and weaknesses. Yes, I can survive on the default Gmail app but it's not sexy and the configuration options doesn't really allow me to get to the significance of the content quickly. Gmail is fast, simple, and has a light footprint. K-9 Mail has more options -- some say too many. K-9 has a small footprint, many display settings, and a content sharing ability that I use heavily. Once the initial setup is satisfactory, it is the preferred work-flow app. MailDroid has a sexy look about it, and the spell checker is appreciated. Nevertheless, it has the biggest foot print of the three packages, and does not share its contents easily with my work-flow. Note that I'm always stressed for space on my phone. And I hate ads. Until something significantly better comes along, K-9 Mail gets my best E-mail app vote.
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