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STOP CALLING MY CELL! The app(s) to stop unwanted calls...  by dinnison1

dinnison1 says: Someone told me to visit the "no" site and register. Well I did. If it helped I don't know. I still get sales pitches, or my personal favorites... computer recordings! I finally decided I would just have to pay for a little privacy control. I found that control with "" and their smart phone app, "call control". I am very happy with how it works! I found them worth the price, and support quick and knowledgable. Sign up on line first and then install the app. Or, and in addition to, use the Google voice mail for free. After they call and it shows in your inbox; click the "more" option and report it as spam and blacklist it! When they call again all they will hear is, "you have called a non-working number". Sweet! Try them both.
dinnison1's picks
  1. Call Control - Call Blocker
    Call Control - Call Blocker This works great! I love all of their features and how unwanted calls don't even ring through. They are instantly hung up on (no ring) and silently reported in top bar as "call blocked". YOu can even set your phone to exept calls from certain people or all in your contacts, or none. Super easy and cool!
  2. Gmail
    Gmail "Google Voice" and voice mail, is an addition to Gmail. Watch the video tutrial and follow the directions. Works great on a Droid!
  3. Call Block Lite
    Call Block Lite I like the options of the paid version better in "call control"



Not for voice calls really, but you can stop unwanted texts (even more of a pet peeve for me!) using Chomp SMS. It has a blacklist feature so those texts are sent off into text-purgatory or something, and you can choose to check it once in awhile or just ignore them.

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