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Top 5 Must Have Rome apps  by diablolita

diablolita says: Rome is a beautiful city and I love Italian food! These apps will help you find your way through everything from Roman ruins to Italian baths.
diablolita's picks
  1. Rome Travel Guide by Triposo
    Rome Travel Guide by Triposo This great free travel guide has detailed info on sights, background info on the city of Rome, a restaurant guide, an offline map of the city and mini guides for Orvieto, Tivoli and Ostia. Nightlife section could use work.
  2. Rome all in one guide
    Rome all in one guide This app has the top 10 restaurant picks on - so you can not incur roaming charges looking it up. Also has maps, museum guides, churches, and more TripAdvisor picks. Works better with long-standing sights than newer venues.
  3. Rome Taxi
    Rome Taxi This app automatically calls the taxi company nearest your location. It's super-useful especially if you've been drinking!
  4. Rome Emergency
    Rome Emergency This app has emergency info for Rome like police, medical, consulate, credit cards services, etc. as well as lets you store your own emergency info in it.
  5. Rome Webcams
    Rome Webcams This has real-time images from different webcams in Rome that show skylines, cityscapes, and famous sites. It's great if you want to know what the weather is before going to a specific spot.
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