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More Otaku Wallpapers  by Garick

Garick says: Here's a further collection of anime and asian pop-culture wallpapers that I've reviewed and enjoy
Garick's picks
  1. God of War Wallpaper
    God of War Wallpaper Be Kratos and you are THE GOD OF WAR! OMG, I'm such a huge fan of this game.. to the point where I've even gone to meet their director of art, Cecil Kim.
  2. Bleach Wallpaper 640
    Bleach Wallpaper 640 Hey, if you follow Ichigo Kurosaki and his adventures of becoming a Soul Reaper, then this is a great app with a good selection of over 500 images from the Bleach series
  3. zzz Dragon Ball Z Wallpapers
    zzz Dragon Ball Z Wallpapers Gohan, goku, and all the rest are classic icons in the anime world. How could I resist having them as a background on my cell-phone as well?
  4. Hello Kitty Wallpapers
    Hello Kitty Wallpapers Aww*~~ Hello Kitty characters are just so cute! A great collection of images, I'll admit Hello Kitty can get a bit girly.. but that also means it's a conversation-starter when cute chicks see your phone as well
  5. Anime Wallpaper
    Anime Wallpaper This app has a fairly decent collection of a lot of the popular anime titles out there. Good if you want to get an overall sense of what's out there.
  6. Sexy Girls: Asian Edition Free
    Sexy Girls: Asian Edition Free ok, sssh! let's keep it a secret, ok? Well, yeah, I like Asian girls. Who am I kidding, I like the feminine form in general, but since I'm Chinese myself; I have a particular preference for Asian girls. This is a good selection of hot chicks that I scroll through sometimes when I'm bored and my g/f isn't watching.
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