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Neat Measures  by droidbot1000

droidbot1000 says: Look at all of the cool things you can measure (well kind of) with your phone.
droidbot1000's picks
  1. Instant Heart Rate
    Instant Heart Rate For a mobile phone application, I think this app is relatively accurate. I found my heart rate to be a bit high, but the results were consistent. Additionally, I never knew that a pulse oximeter could track the changes of the surface of my skin every time my heart beat. Neat!
  2. Smart Measure
    Smart Measure This app may not be so accurate, but it's still fun and worth the download! Try it out! It's a great idea!
  3. Metal Detector
    Metal Detector This app is fun! It does detect metal. I can't wait to take it to the beach to see if it works! What a trip!
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