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Favorite useful San Francisco apps  by diablolita

diablolita says: San Francisco is a unique place. I like it in theory more than I do in practice. It's got great food and interesting culture though - and these apps are what I use to help experience those things.
diablolita's picks
  1. Offi - Journey Planner
    Offi - Journey Planner This free app has everything you need to know about public transportation for many of the major cities in the world. San Francisco is one of them. It works smoothly - giving departure times, nearby stations, directions, and maps.
  2. San Francisco Travel Guide
    San Francisco Travel Guide Why spend money on a travel guide when you can have one in a free app on your phone? This one is as good as any guide book, with background info, sites, restaurants, nightlife, little day trip suggestions, and offfline map capability. The labels for the landmarks are a little large, making it difficult to see on the map where they actually are.
  3. SF Giants Mobile
    SF Giants Mobile This is a simple shortcut link to the San Francisco Giants mobile website. Great way to keep up with the champs!
  4. AnyStop: BART
    AnyStop: BART This gives you real-time transit info for the Bay Area Rapid Transit - which is a great way to get around the whole Bay Area not just San Francisco.
  5. SF Weather
    SF Weather This weather app is particularly tuned to the microclimates that exist in SF. It's powered by Weather Underground and is a great app for SF weather - breaking SF down into 18 different neighborhoods. Wish you could zoom though!
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