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Top 5 Best Must Have Android Apps for Berkeley  by diablolita

diablolita says: I used to live in the Bay Area and spent a lot of time in Berkeley visiting friends. It's a great city with lots of hidden gems - here's some apps to help you find them!
diablolita's picks
  1. UC Berkeley BearWalk
    UC Berkeley BearWalk This app is great for students at UC Berkeley. You use it to request an escort and to look at the locations of the shuttles. You need a Calnet ID to request the escort but not to track the locations of the shuttles. Handy!
  2. LBNL Shuttle: AnyStop
    LBNL Shuttle: AnyStop This app gives you real time shuttle arrival predictions for the Lawrence-Berkeley National Labs shuttle. It's a great tool for planning your route using public transportation.
  3. HoneyPot (beta)
    HoneyPot (beta) Another free app for Berkeley students - with info on the campus and buildings, coupons, and other tips and information about UC Berkeley. I like the building descriptions and history!
  4. Virt U: The Virtual University
    Virt U: The Virtual University This is for those of you that wish you were Berkeley students but are not - it's an app with open lectures from Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley and more. There are hundreds of lectures to choose from and an online community so you can engage in all the social aspects of learning too.
  5. Berkeley Marina Windmeter
    Berkeley Marina Windmeter Super useful app for those that sail or windsurf at the Berkeley Marina. It shows the windspeed there on average every 10 minutes (and shows what time the measurement was taken) as well as a tidal map. Useful info!
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