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Apps to have in the "ROOT"-cellar...  by dinnison1

dinnison1 says: Most rooted android users have heard the expression, "bricked". As scary as it's meaning is, one can fully recover their "bricked" phone. You will need a PC or MAC, and to have the following apps stored on your SDcard and purchased from app market. For instructions on un-bricking a droid see blog: and download zip files, from the SBF & ROOT section, to a folder on your computer. Now here are the apps that I concider must haves for the "root" user. "TITANUIM PRO BACKUP" you can't restore data+apps easily without it! (see:'s+guide ) Next keep a zipped copy of Z4root drafted in your email to reload again (because after restoring a droid back to factory settings, you'll need to root again) And your cellar wouldn't be propperly stocked without: "Super user", "Busy Box", "Boot Strap", and my new favorite... "Droid X overclock"! All stored on your SD card for that rainy day. And last but not least, don't put all your eggs in one basket; use DropBox to send backups to your computer!
dinnison1's picks
  1. Titanium Backup PRO Key ★ root
    Titanium Backup PRO Key ★ root This wonderful app was there for me when I had bricked my DX and need a backup after I recovered the phone to factory settings! Note: TB settings> keep at least 2 backups at a time stored on your droid and your computer (uses DropBox)
  2. z4root
    z4root This app is the fastest, easiest way I have found yet to "root" a DX or D2 without a computer!
  3. Droid X Recovery Bootstrap
    Droid X Recovery Bootstrap Simple, easy... quick back up and recovery to boot prompt without a computer.
  4. Overclock for Android
    Overclock for Android The many apps in one app! One of my favorites in my personal arsonal! This app was developed by some well know successful developers. You'll be able to do a whole lot more than just overclock your Droid! Works on many models, but not all; see info.
  5. Dropbox
    Dropbox To safely and remotely send, transfer, backup files, videos, music, etc. between devices via the internet. It is secure and can be seen by others by invitation only (share file) Very cool! Go here to get it free:



The XDA Developers app is another one most root users will like - all the latest on what the devs are up to for customizing our phones!

Associated Apps:  XDA for Android 2.3

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