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Tabitha's Favorite Social Media Apps  by doniree

doniree says: I recently interviewed a few of my Android friends to get some insight from them on some of their favorite apps (since I'm not an Android user, but love the phones, and think the apps are awesome). Tabitha's a friend of mine who's shared a few different lists - this one is her favorite Social Networking apps for Android.
doniree's picks
  1. TweetCaster for Twitter
    TweetCaster for Twitter "Okay, up until two days ago, I used Twidroyd, but when it crapped out on me after the last update, I went searching and discovered TweetCaster. It's GREAT!"
  2. Qik Video
    Qik Video Tabitha says that Qik is, "A super fun camcorder app that lets you upload INSTANTLY and it will automatically share your stuff via SMS, Twitter, Facebook, email, and even YouTube! I haven't used it a ton yet, but I think when the moment arises that I want to share with everyone right away, I'll be all over it!"
  3. WordPress
    WordPress A personal favorite of mine on iPhone, I'm glad this has an Android equivalent! Tabitha is a blogger and loves that she can blog from anywhere: "Blogging from anywhere. Need I say more?"
  4. Facebook
    Facebook "Pretty sure it came with the phone, but it comes in handy for keeping up with people's status updates and all that jazz."
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