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Tabitha's Favorite Food Apps  by doniree

doniree says: To be honest, I'm an iPhone user. But I've been really impressed with the Android apps and phones that have hit the market lately, so I asked some friends of mine to share some of THEIR favorites. These are a few of Tabitha's favorite food apps, and some quotes about why she loves them.
doniree's picks
  1. Urbanspoon Restaurant Reviews
    Urbanspoon Restaurant Reviews Tabitha says, "LOVE this app for finding new places to check out!"
  2. Places
    Places Tabitha says, "This is actually a widget that goes with the Maps app, I believe, but I stuck it to my home page because it makes it easy to search for things. It has a menu of basic search terms (Restaurants, Coffee, Bars, Hotels, etc) and you can add special or more specific ones, and then it searches nearby and even shows a little arrow pointing in the ACTUAL direction where you'd have to head to get there! I use it mostly to find Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations. :-P" Doni's note: I've tried this app in Portland on the iPhone a few times - it's nice to be able to edit recommendations and reviews - right on the spot! And to see what's around you and what other people think of those places.
  3. Grocery Ally
    Grocery Ally Tabitha mentioned that she should've included a grocery app in her short list of favorites, so I found this one for her!
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