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Grace's Favorite Android Apps  by doniree

doniree says: Grace (@gracekboyle) went from Blackberry to Android phone (she has the Incredible) and shared some of her favorite, newly discovered apps for Android.
doniree's picks
  1. Shazam
    Shazam Grace says she's a "music geek" and "loves knowing what song is playing that I can't figure out."
  2. Pandora
  3. Hootsuite for Twitter & Social
    Hootsuite for Twitter & Social Grace manages three Twitter accounts, her two personal accounts (@gracekboyle and @gracefullplate) as well as the Twitter account for Boulder start-up, Lijit Networks (@lijit). She says that HootSuite is the best free Twitter app she's found for running multiple accounts.
  4. Facebook App
  5. ColorNote Notepad Notes
    ColorNote Notepad Notes "It's for any random notes, updates and you can categorize by color, my on the go notepad"
  6. Maps
    Maps Grace says this app "has a GPS built in, with a person speaking telling you where to go and just general for finding directions." I have to agree with her on this one - the navigation on Android phones kicks the tail of any other I've seen (blows iPhone's "maps" app out of the water.)
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