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Android Game Apps  by doniree

doniree says: I asked some Android-user friends about some of their favorite apps, since I have an iPhone. Tabitha loves finding new games and shared some of her must-haves, saying, "I'm kind of obsessed with finding new games to try out on my phone, so here's a list of a few of my favorites."
doniree's picks
  1. Block It Up
  2. Doodle Bowling
    Doodle Bowling "SO much fun, without the carpal tunnel of ACTUAL bowling!"
  3. Shortyz Crosswords
    Shortyz Crosswords "Crossword puzzles!"
  4. Slice It!
    Slice It! "Super addicting...beware."
  5. Words with Friends
    Words with Friends "I am SO glad they finally made this, so I can play with my iPhone-using friends, too! (Before that, it was WordFeud, which is just as good except for the limited social capabilities.)"
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