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Angry Birds fans - flock to these Android apps!  by GirlGoneGeek

GirlGoneGeek says: Angry Birds has gone from a game to a phenomenon. Are you one of those fanatics who needs more than just a peck and a flap now and then? Give your phone and Angry Birds overhaul with these top apps!
GirlGoneGeek's picks
  1. Angry Birds
    Angry Birds The original - here's your very obvious foundation.
  2. Angry Birds Seasons
    Angry Birds Seasons Now keep things fresh with seasonal updates!
  3. Angry Birds Bonus Levels
    Angry Birds Bonus Levels Think you're hot stuff? See how far you can fly in the bonus levels.
  4. Angry Bird Ringtones
    Angry Bird Ringtones Get that little song even MORE stuck in your head - make it your ringtone!
  5. Angry Birds Theme
    Angry Birds Theme Pimp out your nest - er, phone - with a theme to remind you what you SHOULD be doing every time you turn it on.
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