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Great Stoner Apps  by diablolita

diablolita says: Here in California, even if you don't have a doctor's recommendation it's still not against the law to use cannabis. Here's some great stoner apps!
diablolita's picks
  1. Weed Strains 3D: joinTogether
    Weed Strains 3D: joinTogether This free interactive library of marijuana strains has information and tips for growing different strains. Good photos, very clear - but not very many strains in the library.
  2. WeedLaws: Marijuana Law Guide
    WeedLaws: Marijuana Law Guide This is a free pocket guide to Marijuana and Medical Marijuana laws in the US and PR. The accuracy is not very good - this shouldn't be used for reference.
  3. Marijuana Encyclopedia
    Marijuana Encyclopedia This app costs US$1.99 and is a searchable database of over 320 strains of marijuana with descriptions of effects, taste, smell, genetics, THC content, etc. Could still use more strains.
  4. Marijuana Live Wallpaper
    Marijuana Live Wallpaper This is the a cute stony wallpaper. It's US$0.99 and has some great pictures of weed. :)
  5. Medical Marijuana GrowApp
    Medical Marijuana GrowApp This free app has tips for growing medical grade marijuana at home. It's not very complete - but no one should expect to learn to grow marijuana from a free app. It's got a dictionary, a journal, and some other grow tools including troubleshooting.



Nice list! Though I expected Lava Lamp and other trippy focused on the practical. ;-)

Associated Apps:  Lava Lamp

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