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iSpaff - You know you want to.  by etonote

etonote says: iSpaff - You know you want to. Ispaff was created for those who can simply laugh, positive thinking and the most important thing, always think fun. iSpaff is the newest adult comedy game that will surely bring fun on your android gaming experience. The game has been aimed at the teenage early twenty’s male demographic, however it seems that the appeal is much broader. The object of the game is to "spaff" over your chosen subjects face within a specified time, but not too quickly, by shaking the device. Failure to complete will get you a demoralizing sympathetic comment, however if you complete too quickly you will get a disappointed and possibly a bit angry response. After each successful round it gets harder and harder to complete. This will be the first of other upcoming FREE mobile games by JW Apps. It’s designed with unique and eye catching style, cool concepts, and different game theme chosen. It enables the gamer to compete the scores, use own media gallery pictures to be a part of the game, and upload the score into Facebook account. The package is simple and easy to download, bugs free, and surely fun to play. Download here! • •
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