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Chris Brogan's Top 5 Android Apps  by sharakarasic

sharakarasic says: We asked Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan), social media expert and author of Trust Agents what his favorite Android apps are (he's an Android fan!) and here they are.
sharakarasic's picks
  1. Hootsuite for Twitter & Social
    Hootsuite for Twitter & Social A guy with 174,299 Twitter followers needs an app like Hootsuite to manage his tweets.
  2. Evernote - stay organized.
    Evernote - stay organized. With creative ideas spinning in his head constantly, Chris needs a great notes apps to jot them down (or record them).
  3. Yammer
    Yammer President of Human Business Works, Chris likes Yammer for its social networks for businesses.
  4. Audiobooks from Audible
    Audiobooks from Audible Chris can listen to his favorite audiobooks with Audible.
  5. Amazon Kindle
    Amazon Kindle When on a plane to his next speaking gig, Chris can relax by reading on his Kindle.



Nice! So cool to see what Chris Brogan likes. And love it that he's Team Android!

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This adds to my Evernote vs. Springpad arsenal. Evernote, FTW - Chris Brogan says so!

Associated Apps:  Evernote - stay organized.

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Im sorry but why am i suppose to care about what chris likes?

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