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Who you callin' Hebrew?  by diablolita

diablolita says: As if I haven't already learned enough snippets of languages - I am now attempting Hebrew. I definitely am curious about my Jewish roots - but mostly my goal is to be able to read the entire Bible in the original so that I can have educated arguments with scripture-addicts wherein I tell them they've got it all wrong because the Bible doesn't actually SAY that.
diablolita's picks
  1. English Hebrew  Dictionary
    English Hebrew Dictionary This app costs US$1.60 and is a Hebrew/English dictionary with flashcards to help you learn. The Hebrew uses Roman letters - not Hebrew font - so it won't help you learn to actually read Hebrew but will help you if you can't read it yet but are learning to speak it. Has offline capability.
  2. Hebrew/English Translator
    Hebrew/English Translator This free translators translates back and forth from Hebrew to English. It has a built-in dictionary and also has a built-in Hebrew keyboard so you can enter the words in actual (non-romanized) Hebrew. The multi-word translations aren't always right, and it doesn't include the Hebrew vowels under the letters.
  3. Hebrew Keyboard - Small
    Hebrew Keyboard - Small There is both a small and regular version of this Hebrew keyboard. I use the small version because it works better on my screen. It works excellently - best of the Hebrew keyboards - but you have to carefully follow the installation instructions to get it up and running.
  4. Hebrew Bible
    Hebrew Bible This is the reason I am learning Hebrew. This version of the Bible is in Hebrew font (you have to install that separately). Also - the translation is not perfect, things aren't always spelled right - so sometimes searching is difficult because it won't find what you are searching for because the terms don't exactly match in spelling.
  5. Hebrew Calendar Widget
    Hebrew Calendar Widget This is a comprehensive Hebrew calendar with holidays, candle lighting times, prayer times, etc. It won't let you skip ahead more than a day at a time though, you have to scroll through each day to look at the future.
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