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Get the news - not the blues - in St. Louis  by GirlGoneGeek

GirlGoneGeek says: News outlets around the country are FINALLY picking up on what you and I already know - Android is taking over the app world and they need to get on board. My hometown media has gotten in on the game with news as well as sports, and now I have reliable ways to find my local news on the go.
GirlGoneGeek's picks
  1. St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    St. Louis Post-Dispatch This venerable news outlet is one of the most read newspapers in St. Louis. Keep up with the print articles and online features in this app.
  2. St.Louis Business Journal
    St.Louis Business Journal For the local businessfolk on the go! This app brings you everything you need to stay on top of the business happenings in and around St. Louis.
  3. FOX 2 News
    FOX 2 News Our local Fox station has this app, competing for your mobile attention with...
  4. News 11
    News 11 ...this local news app, and...
  5. KMOV St. Louis
    KMOV St. Louis ...this one too! Fans of the TV news from any of these three stations will love having their app on Android.
  6. STL High School Sports
    STL High School Sports Local St. Louisans, this one is for you! Our Arch City has an extensive parochial and private school systems, and your neighborhood isn't always the best way to establish grounds with a new friend. We evoke a lot of teasing from the out-of-towners when we ask "where did YOU go to high school?" but it's how we figure each other out in this town... and to our alma maters we will always be true!
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