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Check In to Apps  by Saperle

Saperle says: Use these check in apps to find your friends and get great deals.
Saperle's picks
  1. Foursquare — Best City Guide
    Foursquare — Best City Guide Check in to your favourite stores, restaurants, events and more--get mayorships and discounts, as well as tips & reviews from other patrons who have been there before.
  2. Gowalla
    Gowalla Much like Foursquare, check into local businesses and locations.
  3. Facebook
    Facebook Facebook now has location-based check ins in its app, called "places."
  4. tvtag - formerly GetGlue
    tvtag - formerly GetGlue You don't have to just check in to a location -- use the social entertainment site to check into your favourite shows, movies and more. Find out what your friends are enjoying, and share your favs.
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