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Eddy Badrina's Top App picks for SXSW 2011  by Garick

Garick says: Eddy Badrina: husband | father | marketing strategist | Founder of,, and | tech aficionado | global finance junkie | music man | lover of Nerd Ropes and dark chocolate. If SxSW is all about connecting, learning and partying, then I think the apps to have on the bottom row of your smartphone would be the following.. **Eddy has also recommended Instagram for party Pics as well as Hashable. Many of us are anxious for these to come to Android!
Garick's picks
  1. Twitter
    Twitter to share out what you are hearing in the sessions
  2. Gowalla
    Gowalla to check in to the venues (I choose this over Foursquare b/c Gowalla has 4sq integration - kill two birds with one stone!)
  3. Beluga
    Beluga to coordinate your session/party attendance with your close group of friends
  4. Posterous Spaces
    Posterous Spaces to record your thoughts for... posterity



yup cool apps:) I just found this new iPhone app Who's Free and I use it with my friends now. It's great for catching up with friends
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