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I think I'm turning Japanese, turning Japanese. I really think so..  by Garick

Garick says: For all the otakus out there who enjoy Japanese culture as much as I do, here are my ichiban pick's!
Garick's picks
  1. SManga - manga reader
    SManga - manga reader Online Manga reader app. Crucial. I like to dl manga series to my sd card to read later while I'm on the train or waiting in line
  2. Anime Expo Countdown Widget
    Anime Expo Countdown Widget Heh. For those who are truly serious about Anime.. you can't miss Anime Expo. And this is the widget to let you know how much longer you have to wait in anxious anticipation..
  3. Sexy Anime Girls Wallpapers
    Sexy Anime Girls Wallpapers Ok, forgive me and at least I didn't choose this as my top pick, ok? Just some REALLY REALLY hot Anime babes to set as your wallpaper! Bikini.. lingerie.. schoolgirl.. >_< drool*~
  4. FoodStreet-Japanese
    FoodStreet-Japanese If you like to cook, you might wanna check this app. out. Some of the categories are a bit mislabeled, but great recipes and easy instructions for some pretty tasty Japanese cuisine.
  5. JED - Japanese Dictionary
    JED - Japanese Dictionary Ok, not as much fun.. but it's been a crucial reference since it works offline when I might be in an area without reception or wifi.
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