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La lista de apps españoles   by GirlGoneGeek

GirlGoneGeek says: ¿Usted sabe español? ¿Usted tiene gusto de aprender? ¿Usted está viajando a un condado de habla hispana? Then this list is for you!
GirlGoneGeek's picks
  1. Google Translate
    Google Translate Esta es la confianza favorito, the old standby Google app. It does voice-to-text translation, which is a neat way to see if you're pronouncing things correctly.
  2. Learn Spanish With Pictures
    Learn Spanish With Pictures Si eres un estudiante visual? Visual learners will enjoy associating vocabulary with pictures in this app.
  3. Spanish Verb Conjugator
    Spanish Verb Conjugator Los verbos! They're so tricky when they change tenses.
  4. Spanish/English crossword
    Spanish/English crossword Another great way to test your vocabulary - how do you do with wordplay and games in your new language?
  5. Property Finder Spain
    Property Finder Spain This app is for when you get REALLY good.
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