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Android Apps to get the Party (planning) Started!  by GirlGoneGeek

GirlGoneGeek says: A party plan is more than a grocery list - and when you're making that to-do list from scratch, you know you're going to forget something crucial... like extra toilet paper. Stock up on these apps to get your next party perfectly planned!
GirlGoneGeek's picks
  1. Mindjet Maps for Android
    Mindjet Maps for Android This mind-map app is perfect for brainstorming. Get your ideas together here... where? when? who? theme? guacamole?
  2. Party Planner
    Party Planner Make a schedule for yourself and follow the recommendations for when everything needs to be purchased/ordered/set up, and so on.
  3. Food Network In the Kitchen
    Food Network In the Kitchen Food Network fan? You know their chefs probably have the best party menus around. Get some ideas, plan your grocery shopping list, and more!
  4. Grubhub Food Delivery/Takeout
    Grubhub Food Delivery/Takeout Or if you're not feeling very chef-like and you're in one of the supported cities, use this app to find the best food delivery near you!
  5. Bartender
    Bartender Mix it up and make your party unique with a signature drink. Just don't make it TOO strong... or else no one will remember your perfectly planned party.
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