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Best RPG Games Available for Android  by VA1N

VA1N says: I'm a huge fan of role playing games on the PC and consoles, so it's only natural I flock to them on my phone. Here is my list of the best ones I have been able to find to date.
VA1N's picks
  1. Crusade Of Destiny
    Crusade Of Destiny A fun game with a big world to explore. While the controls can get a little wonky at times, it never gets frustrating and really shows off what the Android phone is capable of.
  2. Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave
    Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave A mix of RPG and Tower Defense, this game really shines on the Android with it's amazing use of the Unreal engine.
  3. RPG Spectral Souls
    RPG Spectral Souls Forget small Android games, this is a full version PSP game. Spectral Souls is a huge real time strategy game that will have you playing for hours. Make sure you brought a charger with you!
  4. Pocket Legends
    Pocket Legends One of the most popular RPG's out there, Pocket Legends is an MMO where you create a character and level up with others. It's free to play, but serious players will find themselves paying at least 5 bucks to open up some end game content. Small price to pay for such a huge game. Most of the game is free though.
  5. Zenonia 2 HD
    Zenonia 2 HD Zenonia 2 is the typical RPG meets Zelda where you control one of four characters and embark on a mission that is actually quite good. The gameplay is fun and you'll even get stumped along the way at some minor puzzles present.
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