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Sign Language Apps  by diablolita

diablolita says: I've always been fascinated with the neurological aspects of sign language since reading Oliver Sacks' book "Seeing Voices". I'm not good in Sign Language but it definitely comes up often so glad there are apps for it.
diablolita's picks
  1. ASL American Sign Language
    ASL American Sign Language Very simple free app with all of the 26 letters of the alphabet - just the ABC flashcards, nothing else.
  2. ASL Lite
    ASL Lite This free app contains 100 ASL words and signs. Nothing fancy.
  3. ASL Dictionary
    ASL Dictionary This is the ASL app to get, it's US$2.99 and contains around 5000 words. It's got all the basics and the alphabet and common words, plus the really tricky multi-use words. Recommend.
  4. Baby Sign Language Dictionary
    Baby Sign Language Dictionary This app is $US5.00 and has 300 ASL signs - which is really more than enough for a baby. In fact, adults will learn something from this app too. :) Research shows that babies who learn signs do way better in school and in life as adults.
  5. Baby Sign and Learn Lite
    Baby Sign and Learn Lite If you have the misfortune of getting this dud of an app, at least get the free version. Mostly audio, more effort spent on cute animated videos then on content. Thumbs down.
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