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Whats New in the News?   by Garick

Garick says: Here are some of my favorite app's for keeping up on the latest
Garick's picks
  1. HootSuite (Twitter & Facebook)
    HootSuite (Twitter & Facebook) Twitter is still my first stop for news that is relevant to my interests. and Hootsuite is my favorite app. for it
  2. CNN for Android
    CNN for Android Although I know much of US news might be slanted; I rely on CNN for some of the latest global headlines.
  3. Aljazeera News Widget
    Aljazeera News Widget Interesting.. a feed from Aljazeera's online news. I like hearing news from other sources as well.. I like all sides.
  4. Mashable
    Mashable Mashable seems to be my best source for reading news on social media, start-up and web2.0.
  5. Engadget News
    Engadget News As a geek, I like to see what's the latest and greatest in technology and electronics. Engadget is a great source for an early adopter like me
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