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Whats New in the News?   by Garick

Garick says: Here are some of my favorite app's for keeping up on the latest
Garick's picks
  1. Hootsuite for Twitter & Social
    Hootsuite for Twitter & Social Twitter is still my first stop for news that is relevant to my interests. and Hootsuite is my favorite app. for it
  2. CNN for Android
    CNN for Android Although I know much of US news might be slanted; I rely on CNN for some of the latest global headlines.
  3. Aljazeera News Widget
    Aljazeera News Widget Interesting.. a feed from Aljazeera's online news. I like hearing news from other sources as well.. I like all sides.
  4. Mashable
    Mashable Mashable seems to be my best source for reading news on social media, start-up and web2.0.
  5. Engadget News
    Engadget News As a geek, I like to see what's the latest and greatest in technology and electronics. Engadget is a great source for an early adopter like me
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