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Apps with the best widgets  by Saperle

Saperle says: Make the most of your homescreens with these apps that have (or are) really useful widgets.
Saperle's picks
  1. WidgetLocker Lockscreen
    WidgetLocker Lockscreen Make the most of your lock screen -- don't just slide to unlock or toggle your sounds, add quick access to your camera, screen brightness and more.
  2. Beautiful Widgets Pro
    Beautiful Widgets Pro Gorgeous weather and clock widgets for your homescreen.
  3. UK & World News
    UK & World News A small widget that takes up almost none of your screen and yet contains an image and a headline--and sends you straight to the top news from the BBC.
  4. LauncherPro
    LauncherPro Though this app is best-loved for its home screen adaptations, I've found one of the best features are its unique widgets. In particular, the LauncherPro contacts widget which shows you the names & images of your favourite contacts and even allows scrolling on the home screen is my favourite.
  5. Winamp
    Winamp One of the best music players for Android has many widget options, to fit what screen space you have.
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