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Cute amateur photos! DIY  by bigkaz

bigkaz says: I know what you think you naughty android users! No, no no! It is my list to take normal, everyday shots with twists.
bigkaz's picks
  1. Camera 360
    Camera 360 This app rocks! You can make fun pictures, choose backgrounds, make it look old, play with symmetric, colours and so on! Demo version is going to convince you that you love it and going to to quit smoking to save few bucks to buy the full version.
  2. Retro Camera
    Retro Camera This one is sooo sweet I use it to take pictures of my kids. Makes me remember good old B/W days! Very early XX century... Bit slow but reliable.
  3. FxCamera - a free camera app
    FxCamera - a free camera app I use it to take Polaroid pictures and SymmetriCam. Very quick and reliable.
  4. Vignette (deprecated)
    Vignette (deprecated) If you are using pictures of your animals for your avatar you may use this to make yourself handsome and not be shy anymore!
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