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The Best of Browsers  by Saperle

Saperle says: While I have few complaints about the standard Android browser, these browsers have a little something extra that makes them stand out from the crowd.
Saperle's picks
  1. Skyfire Web Browser 4.0
    Skyfire Web Browser 4.0 One of the best browsers for video and social sharing.
  2. Dolphin Browser Mini
    Dolphin Browser Mini This is a solid, clean, highly customizable (upon set-up it lets you choose the function of your volume button, for example), tabbed, and fast browser. It has a very interesting ‘gesture’ feature that I find incredibly cool, if not massively practical.
  3. Miren Browser
    Miren Browser Another browser with a nice, fast, tabbed user experience--less customizable than Dolphin, but easy to use and intuitive.
  4. Firefox Browser fast & private
    Firefox Browser fast & private Very buggy on a Motorola Droid at this point, but has many interesting add-ons, the ability to restore all tabs if the browser crashes, and the option to sync tabs between your phone and other computers running Firefox.
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