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For procrastinators  by bigkaz

bigkaz says: I am that bad at delaying tasks that I have to be surrouded by warnings and notifications even to remeber to drink glass of water. I created this list for people like myself.
bigkaz's picks
  1. Springpad
    Springpad To keep everything organized nice and stable way. You can keep offline copy of your notes on your mobile as standard. It has other unique solutions that I can not wait to be implemented in Evernote... Yes I use EN too. Latest update sorted most of my problems.
  2. Jorte Calendar & Organizer
    Jorte Calendar & Organizer God knows how many calendars I tried! But this one takes the biscuit. It is pretty, easy, quick and it syncs with Google Calendar. Zoomable month view is just one of the functions that I like to use.
  3. GOALS ToDo Full
    GOALS ToDo Full It is the most complete GTD application that I ever used. If it could only work with Google Tasks then I would use it like a mad man and be productive at last!! But it is at least good exercise to understand the whole 'doing things' magic.
  4. [DEPRECATED] Chrome to Phone
    [DEPRECATED] Chrome to Phone Great way to view my documents on Google Docs...
  5. Dropbox
    Dropbox Fast, clean and easy. I use Google Tasks as my home page on the PC and it sync quickly with my phone. Grrreat! Must have on PC and phone. (Note: It is quite resource hungry on desktop)
  6. Time Recording - Timesheet App
    Time Recording - Timesheet App This one helps me track and recover my time. I have something to record time spent on my billable projects.
  7. GDocs
    GDocs Great way to view my documents on Google Docs.
  8. GTasks: Todo List & Task List
    GTasks: Todo List & Task List Fast, clean and easy. I use Google Tasks as my homepage on my PC so it always up to date.
  9. SleepBot - Sleep Cycle Alarm
    SleepBot - Sleep Cycle Alarm Still testing it but it looks like it works the way described!
  10. CallTrack
    CallTrack It track my calls and synchronizes them with my Google Calendar (I created separate calendar for this type of information). I can analyse my calls easy way.
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