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Date Mashup - Android App  by etonote

etonote says: Start the New Year off right with Date Mashup (2011). Keep those New Year’s resolution to remember everyone’s birthdays, your anniversary and when the banks are closed. Date Mashup has the unique ability to accommodate all kinds of dates both personal and public into one mashed up list. With the launch of Date Mashup, developer and entrepreneur George R. Cain Jr. launched a new breed of date organizers into the Android market. With the ability to download countless number of Public Date Feeds, Date Mashup is an outstanding reference tool for all of those bank holidays, national holidays, school schedules, and much more. Don’t see a Public Date Feed that meets your needs, Date Mashup has a built-in Public Date Feeds request feature. Make a request and Date Mashup can be refreshed when the Public Date Feed is ready. Some dates too personal? Date Mashup provides a My Dates feature which holds all of those personal dates not provided in the Public Date Feeds. Select your favorite dates from the My Dates and Public Date Feeds areas and they all become mashed into one synced Date Mashup list. When a date is coming up, Date Mashup will notify you and help you to remember. Feature Summary: My Dates - define an unlimited number of your own dates. Public Date Feeds - enter thousands of feeds and upcoming public events Date Mashup - select your favorite dates (private and/or public) into one list. On Demand Feeds - download only the feeds you want, when you want them. Feed Refresh – automatically updates any new feed with the refresh feature. No need of any kind of application to update feeds. Feedback and Help – built-in email feedback and help for every major area. Notifications – Status notifications for upcoming dates. George R. Cain Jr. invites you to download and evaluate the latest version of Date Mashup. For any questions or comments please contact
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  1. Date Mashup
    Date Mashup Date Mashup has the unique ability to accommodate all kinds of dates both personal and public into one mashed up list.
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