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Beautiful Android Apps & Games  by larrysbrain

larrysbrain says: The Android App Market is still behind the iTunes App Store when it comes to really great looking apps. Here's a collection of great looking apps & games that you can be proud to show to iPhone owners.
larrysbrain's picks
  1. Everlands
    Everlands Some really beautiful illustrations and cute characters hide the complexity of this strategic board-game.
  2. Buka
    Buka A very strange game but there's no doubt that the graphics and soundtrack are very attractive in a naturally calming way.
  3. Sky Map
    Sky Map This 'projects' the night sky, with neatly labelled constellations, wherever you point your phone. Even the hardiest of technophobes will be wowed by this app.
  4. Meteor Blitz
    Meteor Blitz This was first seen on the iPhone however it's a great looking app for Android none the less. It's got a simple control system and some beautiful graphics.
  5. old app.........
    old app......... Cute little cartoon graphics back up 2010's smash hit app. If you're showing off your Android phone, this is a must have.
  6. Maps
    Maps I'm talking about the built in Navigation feature. The interface looks great and it's one up on iPhone where you need to pay for navigation.
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