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Ken's Must Haves  by Deleted User

Deleted User says: I'm probably one of the strange ones that just likes things to work, and work well right out of the box. I tend to like things on the simple side, but I'm a bit of an old-fashioned guy too. These apps are my top picks so far that should come stock on any phone!
Deleted User's picks
  1. Barcode Scanner
    Barcode Scanner This is perhaps the best app I've ever run across. There are others to be sure, but this one just integrates so nicely with every other app. I love this app. The settings are easy to use, and you can even set it up to use your camera flash as a light for low light scanning. I used it recently on a trip back home to Wisconsin to scan a code FROM MY CAR for a home that was forsale. It read the code and took me to the webpage for that house all from the comfort of my car! Get this app!
  2. Key Ring: Cards Coupon & Sales
    Key Ring: Cards Coupon & Sales My wallet was overflowing, but not with cash. I have cards from places I don't frequent anymore, but still need from time to time. This app allowed me to scan the barcodes from my specialty cards and then store those cards on my phone so I can take them out of my wallet. I was even able to scan my library card. The folks at the library thought it was so super fantastic that they now recommend the app to all their supporters!
  3. Battery Left Widget
    Battery Left Widget I like apps that just work -- no fuss, no muss! This is one of those apps. I've tried about six others before settling on this one. It has a great readable interface and when I open the app from the widget I get a whole lot more information. I can see at a glance if I need to charge up, or if I'm okay for the next hour or so... Great app!
  4. Bubble Level
    Bubble Level Have you ever had one of those days where you just couldn't find your level and the picture or shelf just couldn't wait??? Grab your phone and use it instead! That's right, this app will use your phone as the level. Super accurate, easy to read, and within reach at all times (so long as you don't misplace your phone.) You can even calibrate it when you have your level handy! Definitely one for the must haves!
  5. LED Light
    LED Light I don't always keep a flashlight in my pocket, but with this app I don't have too. It's a simple widget with an on/off switch. You don't need more than that! Trust me! Put it on your home screen (or any of them) and turn on and off at a whim. It really is that easy.
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